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Chelsea Lacrosse Association


It takes a village to put on a lacrosse game! Please click on the icon below to access our Game Day Ops signup genius. Each time you volunteer, your name will be entered into a raffle. At the end of the season, one lucky volunteer will be the recipient of a $100 gift certificate to the Smokehouse, thanks to a generous donation by the Tolliver family!



     Signup Genius


Game Volunteers Job Descriptions




●    You will be given a cash box, with change.

o    Please don’t leave unattended

●    Please stamp everyone’s hand


●    Adults $5

●    Seniors Age 60 & up $3

●    Students get in Free

●    Game Day Volunteers get in Free


●    Our platinum sponsors have a pass to get in free, be sure to thank them for their sponsorship.

●    We DO accept the SEC Senior Citizen Pass for free admission.

●    We DON’T accept any other passes, due to being a club sport.


●    Ask people as they arrive if they are interested in the 50-50 Raffle, Winning ticket will be drawn during the Varsity Game.  Take name and number if they are not going to be around for the 3rd period of the Varsity game.


●    Tickets are $1 for 1 Ticket, $5 for 7 Tickets, and $10 for Arm's length of Tickets.

Video Operator:


Talk to the coaches

JV get camera from Joe unless he’s already put in pressbox

Varsity get camera back to Joe unless he’s advised otherwise

Joe uses these to coach

Players use for HUDL accounts

Joe has a video camera and stand

Could use own if sufficient and Joe can open files


  • Follow play end to end
  • Stay zoomed-out unless comfortable zooming in and out
  • Pause in between play stoppage, only for long stops like timeouts
  • Stop & start causes too many new files


Pressbox Scoreboard Operator:


  • Throw main breaker down at scoreboard (a lot of times Joe will have done this already)
  • Plug in keyboard
  • Start 60-30 minute countdown to game time
  • There are (4) 12 minute periods


  • Listen for referee’s whistle to start and stop clock
  • Update Scoreboard of Shots on goal
  • Update Scoreboard of Score
  • When one team is up by 12 goals, we go to a running clock that starts on the ensuing faceoff.   If team is no longer up by 12 goals, the clock starts and stops again on the referee’s whistle.
  • If Overtime is required, will play 4 minute period, and first team to score wins.


Pressbox Spotter:


  • Assist Scoreboard Operator of referee's whistle to start and stop clock
  • Assist Scoreboard Operator of keeping Shots on goal
  • Assist announcer who assisted and who scored

Sideline Penalty Clock Operator:


  • Setup table/chairs/pilons/tent (stored in locker room)
  • Check batteries
  • Ask referee for tutorial


  • Listen for penalties
  • Start and stop penalty times
  • Tell the player in the penalty box time remaining
  • Countdown last 10-5 sec